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Free 120x90 screenshots. No registration required.



Enough features and requests for the typical small business



Enough usage for growing online businesses


Domains Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Requests Rate-limited* 5,000 50,000
Inside Pages
No watermarks
120x90 Default Size
Additional Sizes  
Refresh On-Demand  
Custom Quality  
-- High quality images  
Custom Delay  
Priority processing  
No daily rate-limits  
Satisfaction Guaranteed  

*Free accounts share a global rate-limit and a shared render farm. Please be very patient, as free requests are provided as a service to the community and are too cost-prohibitive to be guaranteed for speed or reliability.


Pricing FAQ

Q. Are there any limitations to the free service?
A. Yes. The free service does not require registration but is rate-limited and capture resources are shared among all free users. So the wait times for new requests will be longer; significantly longer during peak times.

Q. Who is Picoshot's target audience?
A. Picoshot is intended to better serve the low usage and budget conscious webmasters and developers.

Q. Why don't you offer bulk or volume discounts?
A. Picoshot is priced very aggressively for the market and will lower prices, for all customers, as we are able to lower our costs. However, Picoshot's "block" of usage is already priced low. Keep in mind that competitors who may seem cheaper, really are not cheaper. Some do not allow caching locally. Others charge for every single hit to their system --even to check for queued thumbnails. Still others do charge less but are unreliable and cannot keep up with demand. We have observed that the "ultra cheap" services go out of business within a year.

Q. I am a ShrinkTheWeb customer already. Could I switch to Picoshot?
A. Perhaps you could but let's weigh the UPS and DOWNS first. For this service to offer such low prices, it must compromise on certain aspects. So the speed may be a bit slower*, the reliability is not guaranteed*, the render farm will not scale automatically to guarantee 30s captures*, and support is not as responsive*.

If you require reliability, fastest speed, maximum scalability, and premier support, then stick with ShrinkTheWeb

*These are the areas where we cut costs. If they are OK for your use case, then you may save $$$ by switching. ;)

Other features only available at ShrinkTheWeb (not available with Picoshot):

  • Historical reporting and projections of usage
  • Troubleshooting and security logs
  • Thumbnail history, search, and statistics
  • Private-labeling (replacing queued & error placeholders)

Q. Am I allowed to store copies on my server instead of requesting each time?
A. Yes! In fact, we encourage it. Not only do local images load faster from your own server, but it helps keep everyone's costs down. We provide sample PHP code to help you and plugins should have an option for it.

Q. How quickly will you capture a "new" request?
A. While we strive to capture in 30s or less, there are many factors that include loading time of the page to be captured, Internet connection, routing, et cetera. Also, we cut costs by not making that guarantee, so please keep this in mind and be patient for new requests when the queue is high.

Q. How quickly will you return a previously captured request?
A. If the request is still in our local cache (kept for months), then it will be delivered instantly (less than 250ms).

Q. Why would ShrinkTheWeb offer a cheaper, more feature-rich base package at Picoshot?
A. We have always believed that web page screenshots would become a commodity of the Internet. They are the next, natural evolution of user interface for linking and referencing web pages. So Picoshot is intended to be our solution to that eventual commodity market. However, we feel that there will always be a need for a flagship service, where ShrinkTheWeb will serve high-end clients and more demanding applications.

Picoshot is a spin-off of ShrinkTheWeb and uses the private-labeled screenshot service. | Search Rankings Comparison Tool